Only Cillian could make it worth it: Red Eye (Wes Craven, 2005)


I didn’t like Red Eye, but at least I already knew why I wouldn’t like it. I’d previously seen a portion of it on TV, namely, some of the middle and then the very end, which were a pretty clear indication of what’s wrong with it.

Two things make this film seem as though it’s going to be better than it is, or indeed, better than it’s aiming to be. Firstly, the premise sounds reasonably clever and like a strong setup for psychological drama and low key action. Secondly, Cillian Murphy is predictably excellent and Rachel McAdams, who I’d say always has the potential to put in a strong performance but may not be so reliable, is also quite good.

Unfortunately, the film takes on a totally different tone in the last act. Its goofy qualities are amplified, most egregiously so in its treatment of its villain. It just seems to have just run out of ideas. The premise is not a good reason to watch Red Eye, as the film can’t commit to it. However, Murphy and McAdams may just be enough.


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