The one with the big punchup: The Spoilers (Ray Enright, 1942)


The Spoilers is an insubstantial western that’s pleasant enough to watch but mostly forgettable when it’s over – except for a single scene. This film happens to feature one of the most over the top baroom brawls you’re ever likely to see onscreen.

John Wyane and Randolph Scott butt heads throughout the movie, over gold claims and over the affections of Marlene Dietrich. When it’s time for them to have at it, the fight is five glorious minutes of destruction and brutality. The stunt doubles are a little distracting, but were necessary because Wayne and Scott actually injured each other while filming.

The Spoilers may be worth a look for Wayne and Dietrich fans – the two make the best of some mediocre material, with Dietrich’s wardrobe and hair offering nary a dull moment. Everyone else should just search out the fight on Youtube.


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