It’s not just the accents: K-19: The Widowmaker (Kathryn Bigelow, 2002)


I couldn’t find the time to go see Zero Dark Thirty at the cinema, but spent more than two hours of my life watching this? What am I, an idiot? Don’t answer that.

K-19 might be set on a submarine, but it is not an action movie. It is a character-focused story about comradeship, suffering, and loyalty in the face of naval incompetence and impossible circumstances. (Not unlike Das Boot, really.) I was highly disappointed to realise this halfway through K-19, because it had established its characters so poorly that I knew it had no hope of affecting me in the way it wanted to. Terrible things happen to the people in this film, but I could only connect with them in a small way by remembering that it is based on true events. Given that K-19 sincerely tries to humanise these Russian sailors, this is a double shame.

For the record: Harrison Ford gets a lot of flack for his accent in this film, but some of the cast aren’t even trying at all, and even though Liam Neeson might be, he still sounds Irish.


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