A few thoughts on Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity

– David Stratton complained that one scene kept Gravity from being a masterpiece, so I spent the whole movie waiting for it. It wasn’t hard to spot. I like the scene, but the dialogue was weak, and on the whole was definitely one of the movie’s flaws.

– Cuarón and his long takes. The first cut is seventeen minutes in, but by that point I was too wrapped up in what was happening to notice.

– I’m not sure if there’s a whole lot of rewatchability to Gravity. I do want to see some scenes again because I can’t take everything in at once in 3D, and so missed plenty of details. Still, the visual impact and sense of tension won’t hold up as well at home.

– At first I shook my head (not true, I spent the whole movie sitting quite still and clutching my arms) at the sight of liquid touching the lens, remembering that blood splatter in Children of Men. The last shot showed, however, that the way the liquid reacts to the lens is significant. Very clever.

– I kept expecting a Moon-meets-The Grey ending, but didn’t get it.

– It took me a little while to get used to things happening without sound. The music compensated, but it still felt odd. Curiously, there’s a bit at the end where the music cuts out as the camera goes underwater (why do that underwater and not in space?!), and moments where sound is still present, but not in the way that the person onscreen is hearing it.

– Nitpicking much? Sometimes that’s the only way to react to a movie that’s so assured of itself, and so ambitious, and has already been roundly praised by just about everyone.


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