On Rotation: Lost in Translation Soundtrack, The Damned, Le Tigre


Various Artists – Lost in Translation (2003)

This soundtrack is an incredibly cohesive standalone album, especially considering that it was integral to the film, and that it features contributions from 11 artists. All the songs fit together to create a unified mood with different shades of feeling. Including Peaches’ “Fuck the Pain Away” just wouldn’t have been right.

Favourite track: The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Just Like Honey.” I always look forward to this one. An inspired way to end the film, and a fine closing track.


The Damned – Phantasmagoria (1985)

Is it awful that my only experiences with The Damned come from Phantasmagoria and their appearance on The Young Ones? This album is a strong one, with a playful feel, but only a couple of the songs are standouts. These include the country-ish “Shadow of Love” (the longer mix included here even snatches a riff from “Ghost Riders in the Sky”), the Madness-esque “Grimly Fiendish,” and…

Favourite track: …opener “Street of Dreams.” Excellent saxophone here, which combines to great effect with pounding drums and ghostly vocals on the chorus.


Le Tigre – Le Tigre (1999)

Seeing The Punk Singer, a documentary about Kathleen Hanna, set me off on buying up her back catalogue. I already own Le Tigre’s debut, though, so gave it another spin.

Favourite track: “Deceptacon.” How could it not be?!


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