They weren’t kidding about the subtext: Point Break (Kathryn Bigelow, 1991)


I had low expectations for Point Break, but found that although it’s easy to ridicule, it’s nearly good enough to be more than a guilty pleasure. The plot is ludicrous, of course, and there’s more surfing scenes than I can possibly care about. However, since this is Bigelow, the action scenes are great stuff. They’re economically filmed yet still manage to feature nice stylistic touches, such as the well-placed slow-mo shots and the camera’s limited field of vision in parts of the suburban chase scene. They also have enough surprising moments to keep the tension up, like Swayze locking a sliding door to delay his pursuer, or the naked woman in the bathroom deciding to stop screaming and beat Reeves up instead. And even if there’s too much surfing, it does look good; the sky-diving, which is less superfluous, looks stunning.

Point Break would be better if I actually felt engaged with the characters or if the subtext was text or if the writers had some understanding of Australian weather patterns, but that’s okay. From the seemingly endless scenes of Reeves and Swayze writhing on top of each other to John C. McGinley doing what he does best (scream abuse) to is that Anthony Kiedis what the fuck? this movie is damned enjoyable. And watching it does make Hot Fuzz funnier. …Does that mean I have to watch Bad Boys II as well? Help!


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